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1893 Society Stories


Brian WalterBrian Walter

The walls of Brian Walter's home are covered in stories. Whether it is a framed painting or picture by a favorite artist or a collection of local objects from around the world, each piece has a tale of where it was found and how it was acquired.

Dr. Jerry CoffeyDr. Jerry Coffey

Dr. Jerry Coffey, Professor Emeritus in the Department of English, came to Montana State University in 1972 seeking the allure of the mountains and an institution where he could thrive and pursue his research interests.

Julianne ByeJulianne Bye

Julianne Bye knew for many years that she wanted to leave a lasting legacy for students at Montana State. "I always knew I would—in fact I wish I had done it sooner," said Julianne.

Larry and Maureen GambleLarry and Maureen Gamble

In January, Larry and Maureen Gamble, of Overland Park, Kansas, worked with the MSU Alumni Foundation to expand their bequest in support of the University. In addition to supporting the Library's Trout and Salmonid Collection, they also wished to establish scholarship for students in the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Loren SchillingerLoren Schillinger

When Loren Schillinger ('75, Chemical Engineering) tells his story it always circles back to his time at Montana State University. Loren attributes almost all of his successes to his origins at MSU, as a chemical engineer.

Marla PattersonMarla Patterson

In June, Marla Patterson worked with the MSU Alumni Foundation to document a bequest in her living trust. The gift, valued at $66,000, will be directed to the College of Nursing.

Victoria BarnickVictoria Barnick

When Victoria Barnick visited campus in October, it was her first time back on the hill since she graduated. Victoria had planned to support MSU through her estate, but meeting with students and professors showed her the impact she can make today.

The Impact of Giving


Reisa WalkerYou Can Shape Lives Today

By making room for MSU in your will, you can help shape the lives of MSU students—students like Reisa Walker. Read about how donor Harriette E. Cushman has made an impact on students at MSU for over 40 years, including recent student Reisa.

Cody and Joycelyn ChristmanCody and Joycelyn Christman

Cody and Joycelyn Christman enjoy their Montana cabin getaway. Living in the hustle of Denver and their busy careers, the Christmans relish time spent in the Montana quiet, close to where Cody ('91, Electrical Engineering) grew up.

Megan McGillMegan McGill

Megan McGill is a senior studying plant biology at MSU. She works in the Herbarium on campus, where she has helped maintain the extensive collection of plant specimens.

Gift Planning News


studentsMaking a Bequest Gift

A will or living trust allows you to protect your loved ones long after your lifetime. These documents can also give you the power to provide the causes you care deeply about with the vital resources they need to thrive.

Marsha A. GoettingStart Planning for the Future

Have you decided what bequests you are going to leave to family, friends, and/or charity? A synonym for bequest is legacy. Personally, I like the word legacy best.

studentsProtect Your Family From an IRA Tax Burden

Many retirees and soon-to-be retirees have a traditional IRA account or a defined contribution plan, such as a 401(k). Retirement accounts often contain a significant amount of wealth for individuals at the end of their career.

woman meeting with advisorPlanned Giving Options Provide Opportunity to Meet Goals

We meet with many MSU alumni and friends who want their giving to make a bigger impact at MSU, but they are often unsure how to make their philanthropic goals a reality.

Marsha A. GoettingMake a Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds

Are you thrilled to find your stocks and mutual funds have finally increased in value since the Great Recession from 2007 to 2009? Perhaps you bought these securities many years ago thinking you would cash them in during retirement when you need the money.

Marsha A. GoettingCharitable Trusts

Although trusts have existed for many years, they have recently gained more attention. You may have read newspaper advertisements for free seminars that explain benefits of a revocable living trust. Or, perhaps you've seen television commercials suggesting that everyone should have one.

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