Encouraging fellow alumni to visit and give back

Understanding a gift's potential

Marla PattersonWhen Victoria Barnick visited campus in October, it was her first time back on the hill since she graduated. Victoria had planned to support MSU through her estate, but meeting with students and professors showed her the impact she can make today.

"I have 20 to 30 years of my life left before MSU will see the impact of my estate gift," said Victoria, "Why wait that long? I didn't realize how fun making a gift would be. I've really enjoyed seeing the impact of my gift now."

Come visit MSU and see world–class research happening at your alma mater.

While on MSU's campus in October, Victoria had the opportunity to meet with researchers in the Montana Medical Laboratory Science Training Program.

With a 100 percent job placement and certification rate for its students, Montana State leads the way preparing students for this high–demand field. "In the coming years, we are going to experience intense demand for qualified graduates to work in hospital labs," said Victoria. "MSU is creating the work base and directing the future of medical research."

"The level of research going on at MSU—in microbiology, virology and molecular biology—it 's just stunning," said Victoria, who began her career in the laboratory. "As a researcher doing this work you don't always know what you 're looking for. Sometimes you need the space to wander, and then you find the things that are going to be your game changers."

Open doors for someone else.

Now retired, Victoria spent the last 30 years of her career with a healthcare information company in a position that took her around the world as a specialist and consultant for hospitals. As a fourth–generation Montanan, Victoria wanted her gift to create the same opportunities for today's Montana students.

"My career was my jumpstart to visit the world," said Victoria, "I wanted to open doors and let someone else explore like I did, and have the opportunity to get out there without the burden of debt.

Thanks to Victoria's recent gifts, her dream has become a reality. Autumn Schram, who is studying Microbiology with a Pre–Med major, was awarded the scholarship this year. "In Autumn's case, the scholarship meant she wouldn't have to drop out of MSU for a year to work to pay for college," said Victoria, "She can stay on course now toward her goal of getting her medical degree. I hadn't realized how little it would take to make such a difference."

Understand your options.

Victoria didn't always think she was a "donations person". But, when she and her husband, Peter, met with their attorney they learned about the significant impact she could make at her alma mater.

A meeting with a gift specialist at the MSU Alumni Foundation showed Victoria the options and opportunity to make a gift to MSU. "The Alumni Foundation has helped me to articulate how I can best help future generations at MSU."

Coming back to campus.

At the MSU Alumni Foundation, we are happy to facilitate your campus visit. Tour the grounds, visit with faculty and witness the impact of your support first–hand. Please reach out to our team to learn more about starting your legacy at Montana State.

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