Scholarships are helping Kirsten pursue her dream

students walking on campus

You understand the value of a college education and the countless possibilities it provides for students who persevere through their coursework to earn their degrees. But, staying on track for a college degree can be especially challenging for many students who don’t have robust financial resources to cover tuition, housing and other living expenses.

Kirsten knows what a difference a scholarship from a donor like you can make in the life of a student.

Kirsten is a freshman at Montana State University who is majoring in Latin American and Latino Studies. Her dream is to serve the Hispanic community with languages, either through translation, legal interpreting or teaching English as a second language.

Kirsten is busy with her academics while also working part-time and volunteering at her local church. She is grateful for the private scholarship she received, which helps her reduce her work hours to focus on school and giving back through volunteering.

To her donors, Kirsten would like to say:

“Thank you for your investment in MSU students. Your generosity enables us to be able to support ourselves and also give back and invest in others.”

You can change the life of a student like Kirsten by establishing a scholarship or contributing to an existing fund. Scholarships make possible the abundance of discovery, knowledge and growth that a college education can bestow, turning students’ dreams into reality. To learn more about how you can extend your support through a planned gift, contact Kevin Brown at or 406-994-4815.

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