Bill Anceney

Bill AnceneyBill Anceney knows that staying the course can be a “tenuous venture” for many students. He remembers how, during the eight-month Butte miners’ strike of 1967–68, many of his fellow students dropped out because their families could no longer afford college expenses.

As a student, Bill realized how fortunate he was to not have to worry about his tuition being paid.

And throughout his career, Bill also recognized the quality of the education Montana State University gave him. “What I needed to learn to survive in business I learned as effectively at Montana State as anybody I knew who went to business school back East,” he says.

Establishing a gift annuity allows Bill to give back to MSU.

Though now retired, Bill explained the guiding principles he employed as a successful business executive that steered his decision-making process to fund a charitable gift annuity (CGA):

“A gift annuity offers secure, dependable income during my retirement years,” he says. “My payments are partially tax exempt throughout my life expectancy. And I received a partial income tax deduction at the time of the gift. As an added bonus, the process to set up the CGA is easy!”

Bill values being able to give to MSU where it matters most to him. His goal is “for students who want to study business and have the desire and drive, but not the financial means, to be able to attend college.”

How a charitable gift annuity could benefit you.

  • Offers tax deductibility
  • Qualifies for an income tax deduction
  • Reduces capital gains tax when funded with appreciated property
  • Provides fixed lifetime income for you (and another if you choose)
  • Creates estate-tax savings
  • Avoids management responsibilities
  • Creates your legacy with a gift to MSU

Like Bill, you can support students in need in areas at the university you care most about with a charitable gift annuity. Contact Kevin Brown at 406-994-4815 or to discuss your gift options.

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